Station 333

Darling , may you one day open your beautiful blue eyes.

Every blemish, a carefully crafted work of art, each with its own humbling purpose . Such hidden passion, run down by those who while intentions pure, lack insight . The uncanny way of the empathetic man,constantly providing in ways most couldn’t even dream of. The embodiment of loyalty , so gentle and kind. The one I chose. The man I love.

Please give him a home in your heart . A home based in loyalty, love and learning .

Kiss his beautiful , vibrant cheek and listen to his intricate thoughts and his wildest dreams. Allow your soul to hurt should his beautiful green eyes cry in your presence .

Please be kind to him. Enjoy this wonderful ride with this incredibly precious soul . This is my stop, and it’s time for me to step off onto the platform, switching stations ; onwards towards my next lesson. I leave with you a piece of my heart , take good care of it. Take care of him .

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