Trumpets Of Fate

“Tell me why I love it so much!” , I asked cheekily as I sat there only inches from you. Devastatingly unable to touch the yin to my yang. ” Listen closely , Mo Anam Cara..”  “Oh! The Mac acronym!”, I giggled.  “ I get it now!“ I vibrated gratitude. 

It only took this entire incarnation to figure that one out, now you go; still work to do yet “.

  Upon waking, I flipped on the sleep recorder’s playback option.An ethereal sound of interference, and a gentle “I laaaahv youu” ; coming from my own mouth at 5:42AM. Accent and all. 

I put my headphones on and listened to the song we spoke about.  Once, twice, 3-4 times. Finally! There it was , in the background ; trumpets .  And so may it very well be  , 

More than I even know..

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