Blanket Burrito Bonanza (121 vs 323)

The ticking faded away as I became fully induced.

I stand tall at the fork in the road. There is debris flying around the windy scene before I choose a path.

On the left-hand side I hear the familiar sound of the trumpets, coming from a sapphire glow at the end of that road . The sound of house music vibrates from the road, into the left side of my body; beckoning me to run down the road towards the light hearted vibration of carelessness. As I put one foot onto the road, I notice that I am met with 50% resistance. I am using half of my weight just to get my foot through the invisible barrier and onto the dirt road.
“I can get there, but it will be very slow moving, and I will be exhausted by the end”, I assess. I take it into consideration, but at the end of the road I hear your laugh echoing from a small house, the smell of fresh made chicken dumpling soup; and the sight of a cute little anchor mailbox out front.
I start to motion my second foot onto the heavily resistant road towards you.

“There can be no better life , than this simple one with you!” I called out.

A loud chiming interrupted my foot’s movement, sending a shiver right down my spine that the trumpets did not. It was coming from the other road. This right side road was paved with brand new , slick pavement ; but it was full of fog. I couldn’t see anything until I placed one foot onto the road.
The sound of the trumpets disappeared, and the wind dissipated. Staring intently at the fog, it started to clear. The first sight… a head full of thick, short grey hair. It was Reen’, bursting through the fog in those god awful teal pants; smiling intently at me with open arms. Confused, I was ready to pull back. Despite the connection I had with this soul, I couldn’t understand the point of this interaction, let alone choose this road. At the last second before pulling back , the rest of the fog started dissolving. The scene was clear.
Standing there.. The soul of the man who begged me for 2 nights straight to tell his reincarnated self why he was the way he was. The schizophrenic genius who’s lonely purpose lays deep in the foundations of alternative learning and simply needed someone to understand. The man with the heart of gold and passion for art that works in a job he isn’t passionate about and needed someone to see his creative soul. The young mother working full time, in school and dealing with trauma and simply needed someone to listen. The man who cares for both of his dying parents while working a fully involved job that he himself didn’t think he was capable of who needed someone to tell him that he is appreciated.The lonely woman who couldn’t understand why her life fell apart at the time it did who needed someone to tell her to look ahead, not backwards. The trumpets slowly faded back in. The song of my soul started playing , vibrating my very essence. Tears clouding my eyesight, every smiling soul parted ways, making a pathway for a blindingly bright figure to walk towards me. It got close enough for me to realize that it was my father. He must have been early 40’s at the time, and he was carrying what looked to be a little potato sack. He was glowing , walking down the aisle of souls who started clapping to the sound of the song. As he got close, the light dimmed enough to see what was in that little burrito blanket. Seeing the “contents”, my soul exploded into pieces; everyone still rhythmically clapping. My soul exploded into an infinite amount of pieces , into every human on earth as you looked up at me with those beautiful, bright little green-amber eyes.
My father handed the little blanket burrito to me with one last message.

“More than you know”.

With a single tear from his eye, his iridescent light absorbed itself into every pore of this little divine gift. All that was left was to put my last foot onto the road. I stared back at the left hand side in guilt , holding my snug little burrito of hope.

A voice interrupted my grief. 
“Zoom out, My dearest El.”
“But, he is waiting for me. He will be all alone.”
The voice continued :
“We have got him in our arms now, he is held ; and he will be redirected. He will never be alone. We feel your love for him, and respect your choice; and so will he”. A vision appeared in the sky of the right side road. You were on the water, your favourite place to be. Your angels and guides had you in their arms, and you were smiling back at me. I knew your soul had given me your blessing to let go.
Tears in my eyes, I redirected my body fully towards the right-side road, planting my last foot firm upon the pavement. In the sky, a beautiful contract is torn up. The left-hand road had disappeared. There is now nothing behind me. I look down at my little burrito with the ever-so familiar eyes, and whisper to it. “Oh! Tiniest of human. There is no better life, than this crazy one with you .” Looking up, I whispered a soul call throughout the ethers..

Mon Empereur;

Find me after the end, we will start again.