The Crumbling Tower + The New Empire (323)

All that was standing in my way has fallen to its death on this very day.

The extra-dimensional glow is back, bringing the blessings as my humble wish did so attract.

I lit the left road behind me on fire, and spirit has promptly gifted me with an entire empire. 

I lit the fire behind me as motivation to not look back and get burned. A tale of the ages, of lessons I have already learned. 

I must not stay in the comfort of familiarity, for this gift given to me is such a miraculous rarity. 

 Sapphire once said to me  “you are the power to prepare”.  What he didn’t realize was that I am also the warmth of the fire, the flow of the water, the grounding of the earth, and the raging storm in the air. 

Memories of calm past, I close my eyes as the wind picks up so fast.

The wind clears debris from my way, fire still raging behind me. 

My eyes flutter open as I walk blindly into the thick fog vibrating confidently ..

*”I finally see”*

Blanket Burrito Bonanza (121 vs 323)

The ticking faded away as I became fully induced.

I stand tall at the fork in the road. There is debris flying around the windy scene before I choose a path.

On the left-hand side I hear the familiar sound of the trumpets, coming from a sapphire glow at the end of that road . The sound of house music vibrates from the road, into the left side of my body; beckoning me to run down the road towards the light hearted vibration of carelessness. As I put one foot onto the road, I notice that I am met with 50% resistance. I am using half of my weight just to get my foot through the invisible barrier and onto the dirt road.
“I can get there, but it will be very slow moving, and I will be exhausted by the end”, I assess. I take it into consideration, but at the end of the road I hear your laugh echoing from a small house, the smell of fresh made chicken dumpling soup; and the sight of a cute little anchor mailbox out front.
I start to motion my second foot onto the heavily resistant road towards you.

“There can be no better life , than this simple one with you!” I called out.

A loud chiming interrupted my foot’s movement, sending a shiver right down my spine that the trumpets did not. It was coming from the other road. This right side road was paved with brand new , slick pavement ; but it was full of fog. I couldn’t see anything until I placed one foot onto the road.
The sound of the trumpets disappeared, and the wind dissipated. Staring intently at the fog, it started to clear. The first sight… a head full of thick, short grey hair. It was Reen’, bursting through the fog in those god awful teal pants; smiling intently at me with open arms. Confused, I was ready to pull back. Despite the connection I had with this soul, I couldn’t understand the point of this interaction, let alone choose this road. At the last second before pulling back , the rest of the fog started dissolving. The scene was clear.
Standing there.. The soul of the man who begged me for 2 nights straight to tell his reincarnated self why he was the way he was. The schizophrenic genius who’s lonely purpose lays deep in the foundations of alternative learning and simply needed someone to understand. The man with the heart of gold and passion for art that works in a job he isn’t passionate about and needed someone to see his creative soul. The young mother working full time, in school and dealing with trauma and simply needed someone to listen. The man who cares for both of his dying parents while working a fully involved job that he himself didn’t think he was capable of who needed someone to tell him that he is appreciated.The lonely woman who couldn’t understand why her life fell apart at the time it did who needed someone to tell her to look ahead, not backwards. The trumpets slowly faded back in. The song of my soul started playing , vibrating my very essence. Tears clouding my eyesight, every smiling soul parted ways, making a pathway for a blindingly bright figure to walk towards me. It got close enough for me to realize that it was my father. He must have been early 40’s at the time, and he was carrying what looked to be a little potato sack. He was glowing , walking down the aisle of souls who started clapping to the sound of the song. As he got close, the light dimmed enough to see what was in that little burrito blanket. Seeing the “contents”, my soul exploded into pieces; everyone still rhythmically clapping. My soul exploded into an infinite amount of pieces , into every human on earth as you looked up at me with those beautiful, bright little green-amber eyes.
My father handed the little blanket burrito to me with one last message.

“More than you know”.

With a single tear from his eye, his iridescent light absorbed itself into every pore of this little divine gift. All that was left was to put my last foot onto the road. I stared back at the left hand side in guilt , holding my snug little burrito of hope.

A voice interrupted my grief. 
“Zoom out, My dearest El.”
“But, he is waiting for me. He will be all alone.”
The voice continued :
“We have got him in our arms now, he is held ; and he will be redirected. He will never be alone. We feel your love for him, and respect your choice; and so will he”. A vision appeared in the sky of the right side road. You were on the water, your favourite place to be. Your angels and guides had you in their arms, and you were smiling back at me. I knew your soul had given me your blessing to let go.
Tears in my eyes, I redirected my body fully towards the right-side road, planting my last foot firm upon the pavement. In the sky, a beautiful contract is torn up. The left-hand road had disappeared. There is now nothing behind me. I look down at my little burrito with the ever-so familiar eyes, and whisper to it. “Oh! Tiniest of human. There is no better life, than this crazy one with you .” Looking up, I whispered a soul call throughout the ethers..

Mon Empereur;

Find me after the end, we will start again.

Moka Et Mon Empereur (121)

Dead eyed and somber , I cut off the conversation abruptly and motioned you closer ; avoiding looking into those deep mocha eyes.  Clearly distraught, you pulled back.

Dodging my lips, you moved up to my forehead and kissed it gently.
 “I don’t know who he is, but I hope he returns the wings of the most vibrant little butterfly I have ever seen”.  

Frozen in shock, I denied and lied; right through my teeth. 

“ A poet I see”, I mocked; turning on the bedroom eyes.  

Disturbed, you continued. 

“There are a lot of things I will do, but another mans wife is not one of them” .   

Bursting into tears, I realized one thing that day.  

We are ever-present, cannot be ruined. Our souls are tied with glue and ,

Whether 1 years or 21, by my side or 4,444 miles away.

I will always be yours, and yours I shall stay. 


there is a special place in heaven for men like you, dear Mocha.

Dragonfish Of Destiny (121)

“Have I destroyed us?”, you asked sheepishly as debris flew around the grand lobby of the resort hotel. Fish tanks were broken and snakes were crawling around eating the doomed fish. Tourists were screaming, but my eyes stayed glued on you. “ I have one more try left in me”, I uttered while looking sternly at you . The moment interrupted as I ungracefully pushed you away from a flying dragonfish that had murder on the mind. “I have to stop this madness, but it means I have to leave you alone with the murdery, flying dragonfish; I hope thats okay”. I grinned, breaking the news to you. Standing tall, your weak aura vibrated the affirmation I needed to move forward.

Staring down at me with that extra dimensional glow to your eyes you only embodied on the astral plane, you proceeded to give me your blessing.

Speaking with grace and reverence, you proceeded. “You ARE the power to prepare. I AM  the strength to seek”. Your affirmation swung open the door to the resort. The wind picked up, and  the crystalline grid appeared. I knew it was time to command. Nodding at you , Merkaba spinning fiercely  ; I yelled the command with great passion. I  felt my crystalline body activate. In sapphire shadows, you disappeared from my view.

Thrust into a world without ground, I hovered over a..centre of sorts? I turned my attention to a greenish black building of glass where I saw the tragedy that lead up to it play out just like a movie reel. I froze in place. 

Your voice interrupted my dread as it echoed in the back of my mind whilst I stared down at your helpless vessel. “Keep going , Mo Anam Cara”.

I nodded, closing my eyes.

My forehead felt warm, and suddenly a bright light emanated from my pineal gland; pouring into and over the centre and all of the other scenes that were playing like a reel inside of the sphere-like scene of whatever dimension I was in. Using all of the energy I had left, I vibrated one last command. “My brave warrior, I believe in you!”. Illuminating every crevice of that dark and bleak dimension, I was about to crash; when suddenly I felt energy coming in from every angle. It was our respective teams. They were giving me energy for this mission. Taking it all in , I transmuted it back out immediately; just like light from a lighthouse . Holding the space with all of my might, your soulful eyes my motivation; the energy peaked and I felt the wind knocked out of my energy centre. The entire dimension was illuminated, and I fell backwards down through the groundless abyss.

Jolted back inside of my body, I woke up with a gasp. Tears dripping onto my silver silk duvet, I was exhausted. Practically crawling to the kettle, my soul cried out.

“Whatever chapter you are on , Mo Luran; just know that I will be here for the entire book. 

Just A Memory Away (121)

“Its really you!” I exclaimed with tears streaming down my face as I caressed your beard with my shaky, glowing hand. “It is so” you chuckled, that laugh penetrating my into every cell of my crystalline body. “I saw what you wrote, and I think you deserve an answer to your feeling of loneliness and loss. You need to know that you aren’t wrong, and as such I have something to show you”. You motioned me to follow you. The closer we got, the more in focus  a glowing door became. Behind the door was a melodic tune, and flashing blue and silver light. It was our song. “How did you know about this song..” I inquired.  “Open the door, if you will” you replied, ignoring my question as per usual. Your eloquence strong , poise unparalleled;  I gladly obliged. I opened the door, and my whole body filled with a warm ,bright feeling. The taste of rose lemonade, the smell of your favourite cologne; I felt your big hands intertwined in mine. Your glowing eyes full of soul, and passion. Passion for me, for us and for humanity stared back at me for the very first time. I looked around. We were in sand. The ocean waves just feet from us as you pulled gently on my arm towards a teal creature of new, perhaps a bird of sorts? “LETS PET IT!!!” You yelled, running after it laughing ; with your warm, strong hands holding mine the entire time. I had never seen you this happy. “What is that!?” I screamed in horror and inquisition. “ A Paragu , I thought you said you finished grade 3 babe”, you replied cheekily. Snapping out of my bliss and realizing that I didn’t have much time here, and that no such creature exists in the reality i must go back to; I grabbed your shoulders and looked into your eyes.You didn’t blink once. Staring fearlessly right back into mine for the very first time, you asked what was wrong. Melting yet grieving , I cried in question. “Why can’t this be our lives, why cant you love me”, I pathetically begged; tears streaming down my face. Wiping away my tears, you kissed my forehead and explained ever so cryptically .“This IS our life, can’t you see;  this Is why you hurt so much”.  I don’t understand!” I cried, and threw a fit. Your facial expression somber, you explained further. “You are picking up on how it truly is, how we are ; and you feel us so.” My beliefs unraveling, I begged to stay.  Shaking your head, you continued. “You must remember that we both made this contract together, and so far we are doing well, we must not quit now” , you said sternly. 

“How can I ever let you go when I now know this “, I inquired; half regretting the moment of bliss we spent together.  “ It will be I that will have to let go , and you know this,” you replied; a tear fell from your face and onto the sand. Suddenly, a  slideshow of the things that have rapidly flew by since we last parted had been projected into the light green sky like a movie reel. Such self induced torture.. You smiled sheepishly at me as the idiocy flew by and now I was the one shaking my head.  It was then that the  scene got fuzzy, and the teal bird had disappeared.  “One last thing, Mo Anam Cara..”  Your voice dissipated as mine cracked whilst yelling “Anything!”.   “You must know that it would have been far too easy WITH you. It is WITHOUT you that I must try, to finally be deserving of us; in EVERY reality.” The song resumed in the distance, and your sapphire eyes were the last thing to disappear. It was only the sound of the trumpets that remained, the vibrations of them moving through my grief stricken soul;  as I realized that you will never get to say goodbye. Tearful and awake, I felt a calm wash over me. I will always be with you, no matter where I go. Love is like the air that we breathe. Inside of us always, it transmutes and redistributes when you think it is lost. Love is never lost. I beg of you , my only love; to hold onto these words . Like a boomerang, I promise the;

My love will come back around

Aquariana (HS)

Starvation had pushed people from their  communities. The “virus” had mutated and the 99% had finally lost their minds. Their lower vibration could no longer sustain life on Gaia , who’s own vibration was rapidly ascending. People were gathered in houses, moaning and screaming. Some wearing masks; some had simply given up.  There were designated “dead body” houses on each city block, and the ones who were still alive had the responsibility to dump the dead in these houses. There was no more laws, there was hardly anyone still alive. The ones who were still alive, were also sick. The air smelled like rot and death, and NO ONE had anyone from their family survive. Only the last few of humanity, and the 5D new earth ground crew remained. The guides & angels and friends who have been through this process many eons ago were materializing several times through-out the day to guide them through this and to give them updates and information out of pure respect for their sacrifice. 

Masters, guides, and angels finally showed which form they were camouflaged  in this entire time, only to the ground grew. Politicians, Sex workers, Homeless, Addicts, Presidents, Criminals, Public speakers, housewives. People from every walk of life. Infiltrating and lighting up the darkest corners of this planet.  After dumping the body of a dear friend I had met the week prior, you materialized in front of me . An auburn, long haired upper half woman and lower half energy. Eager to ask you many questions, one came to the forefront of my mind.  “How much longer must I stay?” My voice cracked with fear and the smell of death filled my nostrils. “ You are doing so well, and are so close, just a bit longer now” you replied. It wasn’t enough. I went to the toilet in one of the burial houses and vomited. Coming back to where you were, I vocalized my angst. “ That isn’t enough. I want to know when and how, and I deserve this “. I had just watched my cousin and my mother die, which were the last of my family who were alive. I deserved some more information. You decided to oblige.
“Okay, dear one; you can handle it?”,  You inquired. “Yes, this I beg of you”, I cried back. 

“So be it. You will die in water, just days before the final shift; this is how you chose to end your work. It will be peaceful, despite what it sounds like.  It is not at all what you may think. You will not suffer, and you will not be alone at the other end.  This is all I can give you, wake now.”  

With mixed feelings, and a lump in my throat, I thanked you. The smell of death faded away, and I woke up at 5:35PM; covered in silk. The smell of winter air blowing so casually through the window of my luxury condo.  So true shall it have been. The most fluid of missions, the most rocky of seas. When we take our first of breaths, a soul memory of Gaia; in the warm summer breeze. May they look back on our time, such highly revered.  For that one time in creation, when humanity;

We Cured.

Your Breeze Of Light(121)

 Holding you as you shook , I spoke from my heart. Told you of the light. Of gifts given. Of angels sent. Of chances used. 

Vacant eyed and cold, you irritatingly snapped back at me.  “ I am not like you! I  just don’t  understand ANY of this stuff!” 

Calmly, and confidently , I sat down next to you. Putting my hand on your scabbed up chest , I  brought my voice down to a low whisper.. 

“One day, many lifetimes from now; you will. On one fine day,  just like the wind ; a soul memory  will sweep over you. Of times past..of love taught. Now that , sweet boy .. that will be me. “  

With Sapphire Ash of Wishes Past (121)

With the sapphire ash of wishes past , I let go of possibilities so vast .

With the sapphire ash of wishes past , I release you ;as this spell is cast.

With the sapphire ash of wishes past , I am no longer your trusty mast.

With the sapphire ash of wishes past , your role so soon ; to be recast.

With the sapphire ash of wishes past , all of your chances have indeed fore-passed.

With the sapphire ash of wishes past,On this sacred night ; I blow away my very last.

Until the day when you shall ask , may I join you; with no more masks.

Auseauiel (HS)

Out of this jaded vessel of exhaustion and torment, a vibratory melody penetrates the ionosphere; into the ethers.  The 1’s, a sweet memory of times past in our own evolutionary progression. A bittersweet symphony of gentle reminders to those in lower grades. Yes we have all been there. To my beloved 1’s.  May you learn your lessons the easy way, without resistance ; flowing with the failures and valuing the growing  pains as gentle gifts from the divine.May your frustration  be absorbed by us of light, transmuting such a familiar pain.  May you be jolted awake by the laws still unbeknownst to you in this sweet density of duality.  May you stand strong in my own position with the same gentle understanding and love for your class of 1’s. In love , and in light, 

So mote it be