Royal Red Rain

Floating into my body  , my mind became crisp.  My long , wavy sun-kissed hair caressed my shoulders ; red lipstick smothering my aging lips.  

In front of me on the opposite end of the table sat a man that I did not recognize. Sweeping dark ash blonde locks fell into his deep blue eyes, skin like porcelain; not a callous on his hands.  This man was clearly comfortable.

“To make this more exciting, I am rolling for you and you can roll for me” , the man insisted; eyes glued to mine.  “Fine.” I surrendered . 

The sound of the rolling dices in between his soft hands filled my eardrums.  Focused in on the hands that held my fate, his Royal Red dress shirt in the background ; the dice hit the table.

  “The Moon in Sagittarius !” He rolled, slowly nodding his head;  not surprised at all. 

“That was not a real dice roll”, I thought as I paused to survey the situation.
“OH! This is a dream!”  I happily exclaimed with relief . My hesitation faded away , and he smiled ever-so deviously.  “Your turn”, the man said; fully engulfed in the game.  Shakily rolling, the dice hit the table much less gracefully than his roll. He smiled before even looking at the results. “Jupiter in Gemini” , I read. “What does this mean?” I asked, concerned for his fate.

Before he could answer, an alarm started sounding, accompanied by a blinding red siren that spun around the room of this astral-crafted game area.    My body quickly started floating back up and away from the gaming table, falling around me were drops of rain, the colour of Royal Red; quickly soaking me.  I yelled downwards to the table; seeing only bits of his shiny wet hair. “ What does this mean?! Who are you?!”  I screamed desperately. He replied in a quiet echo, not looking up towards my floating body; not flinching at all.

“Welcome to the team , kid. You no longer have to stand alone. As for who I am; you will see very soon”.  

Waking up in a pile of sweat, at 3:23PM to  my anti-depressant pill alarm going off ; I licked my dehydrated lips.  

“It was just the melatonin” , swiftly exhaling.. Walking blindly out of my dark room , 

Right into the Royal Red Rain. 

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