122222 – The Empire Of US

All roads were pure, wild.. and once in a lifetime.
But what candle does happiness hold to fulfilment of destiny? As the wheel prepares to turns direct, Love and beauty emanates from the golden glow of possibility; and every day the truth of it trickles into our own consciousness.Closing in on us both so soon, the divine force doing what it must to keep the distractions at bay; in pure loving preparation for the sacrament of the empire of US.
I digress for one last time now, Mo Anam Cara .
The seed to my star. My galaxy hopping partner. My vibrational twin. My very favourite creature of love. We have finally made it back to the very same spot in the stars where we had last parted. What is a couple thousand years to a love such as The?
I was the power to prepare. I am NOW the power to accept.
You were the strength to seek, you are NOW the strength to cherish and to keep.
In the meantime, on this road of fate; I find myself dipping my toes in the ponds of curiosity. Nothing will ever compare to drowning in the timeless ocean that is
…The empire of US

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