The Sapless Swan

Even the most rebellious of knights wouldn’t dare the futile venture that is to corrupt the timing of the divine plan..

 Cradled in white , the iridescent wounded swan lay shaking on the ground in front of me. The swan was too weak from battle to find the strength it needed to move forward , let alone transmute what already has been. 

Then there was you. Chained to the stone chair, anxious to break free and lay the first brick of our empire. 

 Wearing all black,  preparing to take over for the Swan; you made eye contact with me.  

“I know what you were willing to do for the Swan , but I don’t need the same” . 

As you stood up, the chains broke from your wrists and soul. The Swan had disintegrated, but where did it go? 

Falling into your arms, the safest place in this universe; I felt a hand pressing on my solar plexus.  “Inside of me for now, but one day; it will lay right inside here”.  Staring into those fearless eyes, I dared ask. 

“ Are you The Swan, and also the knight?” I asked, blushing fiercely. 

“ In a way , yes. In a way, no. You see what is meant for us comes to us in one form or another. Give the Swan a chance to turn into a knight, and should it not; look behind the Swan.. I will be waiting”.   

Waking up , craving your protective arms; I felt it. I felt you. 

I will take you in any form you come in, life after life; Mo Anam Cara.

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