Aquariana (HS)

Starvation had pushed people from their  communities. The “virus” had mutated and the 99% had finally lost their minds. Their lower vibration could no longer sustain life on Gaia , who’s own vibration was rapidly ascending. People were gathered in houses, moaning and screaming. Some wearing masks; some had simply given up.  There were designated “dead body” houses on each city block, and the ones who were still alive had the responsibility to dump the dead in these houses. There was no more laws, there was hardly anyone still alive. The ones who were still alive, were also sick. The air smelled like rot and death, and NO ONE had anyone from their family survive. Only the last few of humanity, and the 5D new earth ground crew remained. The guides & angels and friends who have been through this process many eons ago were materializing several times through-out the day to guide them through this and to give them updates and information out of pure respect for their sacrifice. 

Masters, guides, and angels finally showed which form they were camouflaged  in this entire time, only to the ground grew. Politicians, Sex workers, Homeless, Addicts, Presidents, Criminals, Public speakers, housewives. People from every walk of life. Infiltrating and lighting up the darkest corners of this planet.  After dumping the body of a dear friend I had met the week prior, you materialized in front of me . An auburn, long haired upper half woman and lower half energy. Eager to ask you many questions, one came to the forefront of my mind.  “How much longer must I stay?” My voice cracked with fear and the smell of death filled my nostrils. “ You are doing so well, and are so close, just a bit longer now” you replied. It wasn’t enough. I went to the toilet in one of the burial houses and vomited. Coming back to where you were, I vocalized my angst. “ That isn’t enough. I want to know when and how, and I deserve this “. I had just watched my cousin and my mother die, which were the last of my family who were alive. I deserved some more information. You decided to oblige.
“Okay, dear one; you can handle it?”,  You inquired. “Yes, this I beg of you”, I cried back. 

“So be it. You will die in water, just days before the final shift; this is how you chose to end your work. It will be peaceful, despite what it sounds like.  It is not at all what you may think. You will not suffer, and you will not be alone at the other end.  This is all I can give you, wake now.”  

With mixed feelings, and a lump in my throat, I thanked you. The smell of death faded away, and I woke up at 5:35PM; covered in silk. The smell of winter air blowing so casually through the window of my luxury condo.  So true shall it have been. The most fluid of missions, the most rocky of seas. When we take our first of breaths, a soul memory of Gaia; in the warm summer breeze. May they look back on our time, such highly revered.  For that one time in creation, when humanity;

We Cured.