Last Dance

You are exciting.You are gorgeous.You took me to places I never knew existed, both in physical form and emotional form.When I think about you, I hear my own laugh, and see the sparkle in my eyes. The same sparkle that you brought back into my life.You rebooted my soul. Humbled my mind. Is it possible for evil to teach you how to love?

Last night I had a wondrous dream

You were in your tux. Me , an elegant, flowing black dress. I had white elbow high gloves on, and i remember the feel of your hands intertwined in mine .We were in a large ballroom with great chandeliers and elegant dark marble pillars.
We were slow dancing to the beatles’ “here comes the sun”. The lights were dim, I recall the sound of my heels on the marble floor. It was just us. We did not say a word. Our eyes locked the entire time. We were having our “last dance”. The song ended, and the little light that was in that ballroom had dimmed, and two french doors had opened. There was a bright white light shining through them. I grabbed your hand and motioned you to come with me into the light, but you shook your head . I was being pulled backwards by gravity towards this light. You let my hand go and i felt myself flying backwards towards the doorway.You disappeared into the dim light of the ballroom. When i was pulled into the light, i remember looking down,seeing my dress turn to white, then the sound of something that I can only describe as peace,and then I woke up.

This way, You will continue to be exciting. You will continue to be gorgeous.You will take other women to places they never knew existed. I will continue to hear my own laugh when I think about you. My eyes will continue to sparkle.

Goodbye, My youth.


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