Disgusting Figament (L)

“This little girl is the only good thing I’ve ever done” the very familiar voice whispered , the crunching interference of the old 90’s VHS tape followed. She had learned how to love broken men the very day she was born . The baby girl looked adoringly into his eyes and swore that he would always be her hero, no matter how much time should pass.

22 years later , she looked into the same eyes. So much bluer , 34 years younger , filled with pain she couldn’t even begin to understand. “HOW CAN YOU STILL LOVE ME?!”, he screamed, slamming his hands onto the table. “WHY CANT YOU JUST LEAVE?” He spat out.

She chuckled and wiped his tears, and answered his question calmly, with the truest words she had ever spoken , “Because he never did”.422978_10150590325412844_1059874696_n-2

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