Dragonfish Of Destiny (121)

“Have I destroyed us?”, you asked sheepishly as debris flew around the grand lobby of the resort hotel. Fish tanks were broken and snakes were crawling around eating the doomed fish. Tourists were screaming, but my eyes stayed glued on you. “ I have one more try left in me”, I uttered while looking sternly at you . The moment interrupted as I ungracefully pushed you away from a flying dragonfish that had murder on the mind. “I have to stop this madness, but it means I have to leave you alone with the murdery, flying dragonfish; I hope thats okay”. I grinned, breaking the news to you. Standing tall, your weak aura vibrated the affirmation I needed to move forward.

Staring down at me with that extra dimensional glow to your eyes you only embodied on the astral plane, you proceeded to give me your blessing.

Speaking with grace and reverence, you proceeded. “You ARE the power to prepare. I AM  the strength to seek”. Your affirmation swung open the door to the resort. The wind picked up, and  the crystalline grid appeared. I knew it was time to command. Nodding at you , Merkaba spinning fiercely  ; I yelled the command with great passion. I  felt my crystalline body activate. In sapphire shadows, you disappeared from my view.

Thrust into a world without ground, I hovered over a..centre of sorts? I turned my attention to a greenish black building of glass where I saw the tragedy that lead up to it play out just like a movie reel. I froze in place. 

Your voice interrupted my dread as it echoed in the back of my mind whilst I stared down at your helpless vessel. “Keep going , Mo Anam Cara”.

I nodded, closing my eyes.

My forehead felt warm, and suddenly a bright light emanated from my pineal gland; pouring into and over the centre and all of the other scenes that were playing like a reel inside of the sphere-like scene of whatever dimension I was in. Using all of the energy I had left, I vibrated one last command. “My brave warrior, I believe in you!”. Illuminating every crevice of that dark and bleak dimension, I was about to crash; when suddenly I felt energy coming in from every angle. It was our respective teams. They were giving me energy for this mission. Taking it all in , I transmuted it back out immediately; just like light from a lighthouse . Holding the space with all of my might, your soulful eyes my motivation; the energy peaked and I felt the wind knocked out of my energy centre. The entire dimension was illuminated, and I fell backwards down through the groundless abyss.

Jolted back inside of my body, I woke up with a gasp. Tears dripping onto my silver silk duvet, I was exhausted. Practically crawling to the kettle, my soul cried out.

“Whatever chapter you are on , Mo Luran; just know that I will be here for the entire book. 

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