The Crumbling Tower + The New Empire (323)

All that was standing in my way has fallen to its death on this very day.

The extra-dimensional glow is back, bringing the blessings as my humble wish did so attract.

I lit the left road behind me on fire, and spirit has promptly gifted me with an entire empire. 

I lit the fire behind me as motivation to not look back and get burned. A tale of the ages, of lessons I have already learned. 

I must not stay in the comfort of familiarity, for this gift given to me is such a miraculous rarity. 

 Sapphire once said to me  “you are the power to prepare”.  What he didn’t realize was that I am also the warmth of the fire, the flow of the water, the grounding of the earth, and the raging storm in the air. 

Memories of calm past, I close my eyes as the wind picks up so fast.

The wind clears debris from my way, fire still raging behind me. 

My eyes flutter open as I walk blindly into the thick fog vibrating confidently ..

*”I finally see”*

2 thoughts on “The Crumbling Tower + The New Empire (323)

  1. Beautiful job as always. An art of language, a ballet of words.
    A wind of sight. A light of birth.
    A courage of health. A humble of gift.

    Where have you been??

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